Calling All Children to Join The Red Hot Readers!

wandoo2Miss Bethany & Ms. Karen are calling all student readers to join our

Red Hot Kid Readers

this summer & help us win the summer reading championship!

Red Hot Reader awardThe Red Hot Kid Readers will be competing against the Teen Green Dragons and “Title Wave” Adults this summer to defend our summer reading champion status.  Whether you are a pre-reader, a new reader or an experienced reader, if you are 2 – 11 years, you’ll join the Red Hot Kid Readers. We’ll need to read every day to win the summer reading championship!  So come on Red Hot Readers…On Your Mark…Get Set…READ!
Almost all of you will want to keep track of all the great books you read on our e-log. Our e-log can be used on computers, smart phones or tablets, so your log will be easy to access no matter where you are!
This year everyone will be logging summer reading by minutes.  While you read and enjoy the competition, you’ll also be earning Red Hot Points to spend in our September Store…just by reading every day!  But wait…there’s more!  We’ll also be working with the other teams to earn the Summer Mega-Sundae…which is a giant ice cream sundae with all of toppings!
If you insist on a paper log, we’ll give you what you want, but we have to warn you…you’ll be missing all of the fun!
We’ll have some tough competition from Ms. Nicole’s Teen Green Dragons and Mr. Casey’s “Title Wave” Adults.  so we’ll have to read like never before, but we believe in you. 
You can do it, because you are the
Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to get started!

frogWhat is an e-log?

An e-log is an electronic book record that is stored on the computer. You can log into your record to enter the titles of the books you are reading and keep track of your reading progress and the number of red hot reader points you have earned!

Do I have to use an e-log?

No, a paper log is available upon request, but we’d like you to check out our new log before you decide. The format is fun and engaging and we hope motivating for your child to use. If you preview it and decide you would still prefer a paper log, please see Ms. Karen. The total number of red hot reader points earned will be calculated by hand at the end of the summer. However, you are responsible for your paper log! We are happy to store it here at the library, but if you choose to remove your log from the library and it is lost or you forget to enter titles on your paper log, points cannot be issued.


Why do I need to keep reading over the summer?Rhino

Studies have shown that continued reading practice over the summer months keeps your reading skills strong and helps you maintain your reading level during the long summer months. When students practice reading over the summer, it helps to avoid the frustration of the “summer slide.

How does the e-log work?

Our Summer Reading Program is designed to encourage reading during the long summer months. As you enter the titles of books you are reading, the log stores the titles. It also keeps a running tally of the number of minutes read, gives you Energy Credits and calculates the number of red hot reader points you have earned. Every time you read for 30 minutes, you’ll earn a Red Hot Reader Point!  Points will be saved in your e-log like a bank account. Every time a title is added, your account will grow.

What can I do with my Red Hot Reader Points?
octopusMost of you will want to use your red hot reader points in the Pawling Library September Store. Our store will be open from Thursday, September, 8th through Saturday, September 10th and will be stocked with small toys, books, stuffed friends and more. Children may use up to 40 points in our store. You can also use your points to purchase books from our Summer Book cart.

What is the September Book Cart?

Our September Book Cart has a collection of paperback and hard covered books at many levels. There are popular series, picture books, chapter books and a few non-fiction titles. You can view the cart and make purchases with your points during our September Store.


Can I withdraw the Team Read Points I earn?

If you are saving for our September store, it is best to leave your points accumulating in your e-log account…because remember, your e-log is like a bank account. You make a deposit every time you read. You can also make withdrawals, but a word of caution; once we issue points they are like cash withdrawn from your bank. Red Hot Reader Points cannot be reissued if you lose them.

When will the library store be open?

The days and times for our September store are as follows:

Thursday, September 8th – 3:00 – 6:00 pm
Friday, September 9th – 3:00 – 5:00 pm
aturday, September 10th, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
When can I sign up for a summer reading e-log?

Registration for our summer logs will open on June 10th. You can enter your information on the registration log and your log will be ready and waiting for your summer titles. Paper logs will be available at the library by request only, beginning June 24th. Summer Reading e-logs are easier than ever, with just one log for all readers!

When can I start entering titles?

You may begin entering titles of the books you are reading beginning June 24th, the last day of school. This year, book titles can be entered right up until Sunday, September 4th.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Karen at 855-3444 or email her at

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