Synergy: Our Earth Art Project

In celebration of Earth Day, the Pawling Library is very happy to be collaborating with artist Lonna Kelly for her art project that Ms. Kelly calls Synergy. Initiated during the early days of the pandemic SYNERGY offers a space for community collaboration and expression.

The theme is: Our Earth 

What does that mean to you? A tree? Lake? Rock? Garden? It can be a sketch, a painting, photography, mixed-media, etc.  

This program is open to adults as well as children. 

Artwork  will be posted on the websites for the Pawling Library & Lonna Kelly Studio.


1. Use whatever you prefer – photo, sketch, painting, selfie…

2. Respond by the due date – April 15 

3. No age limits

4. Lonna will post on social media and, the gallery website she created for SYNERGY responses 

5. If you choose, you can remain anonymous or just use your initials 


Email jpeg images of artwork to Donald, the Pawling Library’s Adult Program Coordinator, at Include in the heading  Synergy: Our Earth.


Lonna Kelly: Photography helps me define my life. I’ve carried a camera for years and find myself an opportunistic photographer, documenting what I see rather than occasional studio work or things set up in advance. I move between photographing people on the streets of nearby cities, events (Women’s March NYC, Diner En Blanc, NYC Dance Parade) to photographing the scenery of the Harlem and Hudson Valley. Street shooting, with the subject unaware, is a strong theme in my work. At times, trying to be unobtrusive I can often feel invisible. Occasionally the subject will acknowledge me and collaborate.

Experiments with a Camera Obscura fascinate me and include an installation during the ArtEast Open Studio Tour 2018 and at The Akin Library 2019.  

Starting in 2016, inspired by the mail art of Ray Johnson, I began a yearly practice of designing a postcard and inviting the public to modify the cards and mail them back to me. The many postcards I’ve received back from my co-creators (many are strangers) have resulted in a remarkable assortment of responses. 

Growing out of my postcard project, SYNERGY has become a digital & international mail art project that asks What’s Life Like These Days, Living in the Time of COVID? Let’s Talk, Create, Do It Together.


Visit our gallery by clinking on this link