Volunteers at the Library

The Pawling Library runs with the work of our dedicated staff and help from the people in our great community.

There are opportunities for anyone who wants to help out at the library. Below are some examples of ways you can help out, but you’re not limited to what we have below. If you have skills or interests you’d like to use to help out the library, let us know by calling us or emailing our Volunteer Coordinator, Evelina Simoes.


Opportunities for Teen Volunteers at the Library

The Pawling Library has opportunities for students ages 12 year and older to assist at the library with our Literacy Programs.  Most of these programs involve direct contact with younger patrons and are supervised by our Children’s Services Coordinator, Neena McBaer.  These volunteers are valued and appreciated since it is only with their help that many of these programs are made possible. These volunteer opportunities include:

Book Buddies
Students 12 years and older are recruited to work 1:1 with our new, struggling and reluctant readers in our Book Buddies program.  Book Buddy interns are given training in how to select appropriate books, how to help readers with unfamiliar words and how to make sure the reader understands the story.  Our Book Buddy programs runs during the school year from January through Memorial Day and for six weeks over the summer.  Students should contact Miss Neena for an application or for more information on volunteering in our Book Buddy program

 Core Literacy
Students 13 years and older are invited to apply to help us with our Core Literacy Programs during our six week Summer Reading Program for Children.  These students work with small groups of children in intern teams.  Teens apply and schedule an interview to discuss their interests and the format of the program. Students can choose between teaching outdoor games and activities, helping with science and art activities or helping to shelve library materials.  The library works hard to make a strong, positive match between our interns and their service at the library. Interested teens are welcome to contact Miss Neena for an application or for more information about volunteering in our Core Literacy Programs.

All volunteers who work with our Children’s Programs are encouraged to record their service hours on an individual  volunteer logs.  At the end of their term of service, each student receives documentation of their service hours and a letter of service.  These letters are also given to the student’s school to be included in their permanent record.  These letters are a small token of our appreciation for the valuable service they provide to the library and its patrons.  If you have any questions about volunteering in any of our Children’s Programs, please contact Miss Neena.

With the help of these generous young people, the library is able to provide services to many more families than would be possible without their help.   Their time and talents are appreciated not just by the library, but also by the children and families they serve.


Opportunities for Adult Volunteers at the Library

Evelina Simoes is our Volunteer Coordinator, and she tell you about opportunities to volunteer at the library. We often need help shelving books and making sure our collection is in good order. Contact Evelina Simoes, our Volunteer Coordinator, if you want to find out how you can help.

We also need volunteers that can help us with big events like the book sale and summer carnival. If you are interested in being contacted about these volunteer opportunities, please fill out our event volunteer form.