Project Do Something’s Inspirational Cards are a Hit with the Grateful Senior Community

So happy to see our teens making a difference in our community! IMG_1887 (1)

Last week, a man came in to express his gratitude for one of the Inspirational Cards made by the Project Do Something Teens. He regularly attends gatherings at The Friendship Center and he was thrilled to receive his card.  Our Young Adult Coordinator Nicole and the Project Do Something Teens made the cards and they were distributed by Evelina Simoes, the library’s Homebound Delivery Services Coordinator, on her visits to the Friendship Center and The Grand Rehabilitation Center last month. This man was so touched that the teens took the time to think of the seniors in the community that he had to come in and express his gratitude. He and his friends really appreciate the time and effort that the young adults put into making the cards for the seniors in our community.  

Thank you to all our Project Do Something Teens for taking you time to make a difference!