Poetry Workshop: Imagine You’re Someone Else / Online Program

Tuesday, January 31
7-8 pm

Click the link below to register for Poetry Workshop: Imagine You’re Someone Else or contact Donald, our Adult Program Coordinator, at adult@pawlinglibrary.org.



You have an idea for a new poem. Why not write it from someone else’s perspective? Whether it’s a historical figure or your neighbor down the road or even a bird – try to imagine what life is like for them. Then write your poem from their point of view. Bring your poem to the workshop, to share and discuss. Or just bring your ideas and enthusiasm and we’ll learn together.



About our presenter: Marian Grudko is the author of Lucinda Snowdrop and co-author of Claudine: A Fairy Tale for Exceptional Grownups, with T.A. Young. She is also a composer and storyteller. Her work can be seen on her YouTube channel and listened to at http://soundcloud.com