Exploring Your Immigrant Ancestor / Online Program

Wednesday, April 27
7-8 pm

Click the link below to register for Exploring Your Immigrant Ancestor or contact Donald, our Adult Program Coordinator, at adult@pawlinglibrary.org.



As we think about the history of our library that has stood in our village since 1921, and how life in our community, country and world has changed over a century, we think of those, our relatives, our ancestor(s) who came to America and would eventually settle in Pawling.

At this program, presented by Genealogist Sarah Gutmann, you’ll learn how to find and examine ship passenger lists, naturalization records, and other documents. This is a great program for people looking to find the town or city of origin of their immigrant ancestors.

Please join us. Find out about your family’s past, find it here at the Pawling Library, a pivotal part of our community that has served your family and friends for generations.