The Bergdall Family Grows a Reader

Congratulations to the Bergdall family who was just added to our Read Together Wall of Fame! The Bergdalls read 1,000 books as they participated in our Read Together Program where families are encouraged to “plant the seeds of literacy” by reading regularly to their children at home.  Gina & Rob Bergdall were happy their family participated in the program.  “Reading together is one of our favorite activities. We enjoyed seeing how excited our son was to get new books from the library.”  In addition to reading, there are other ways to help give your child a great start. Talking, singing, reading, playing and writing all help develop your child’s growing early literacy skills.

You can read more about this program on our web site. Families can sign up to participate in our Read Together Program by contacting our Children’s Program Coordinator. We’ll give you your reading log folder, your first log page and information about the program, as well as a list of 100 books every child should know before kindergarten, so you can start planting the seeds of literacy in your child. We’re excited to encourage parents to build strong literacy skills in their young children, so we’ll even celebrate some of the milestones with you. Remember, you are your child’s first teacher and reading is the most important thing you can do to start your child on the road to reading!

If you have questions about the program you can contact our Children’s Program Coordinator by email or by phone at 855-3444. We’re here to help you plant the seeds of literacy, one book at a time.

We hope your family will join The Bergdall family on our Wall of Fame soon!