A Virtual Art Show / Online Event

Welcome to our virtual art exhibition. 

We would like to thank the eight talented artists for participating in this online event. They are Irene Caboni, Donna Castelluccio, Carol-Lee Kantor, Lonna Kelly, Jeanne Plekon, Jeanette Rodriguez, Kaete Brittin Shaw, and Liliana Washburn. Their creativity is a gift to all who experience their artwork.

Originally this program was to be presented live at Pawling Recreation and had to be restructured into virtual format due to the outbreak of Covid-19. We hope that once this is all behind us, we will meet in person for such events that celebrate the rich diverse artistic abilities found in and beyond our community. 

To view the show, please click on the link below and enjoy!


And remember, the ArtEast Open Studio Tour continues on October 24 & 25. Support our local artists and artists all around the world. https://www.arteastdutchess.com

Artwork by Irene Caboni
Title: I Matter