A Conversation with Ron Steinman: 35 Years with NBC News

Tuesday, June 19
7:00-8:00 pm

Ron Steinman, winner of the Peabody Award, a National Press Club award, two American Women in Radio & Television Awards, and five time Emmy nominee, will be sharing with us some of his most memorable experiences at NBC.

About our presenter: With NBC News for 35 years, I was a writer and field producer on the Huntley-Brinkley show before going to Saigon as bureau chief in 1966 for more than three years, and covering the war off and on until 1973. He served as South East Asia bureau chief based in Hong Kong and then London bureau chief during the “Troubles” in Northern Ireland. He was Washington producer for Today and senior producer on Early Today and in the news division. He is a partner, producer and writer at Douglas/Steinman Productions where he directed the documentaries, “Luboml: My Heart Remembers,” “My Grandfather’s House,” and “The Dance Goodbye.” He is the author of “The Soldiers’ Story,” “The Soldiers’ Story: An Illustrated Edition,” “Women in Vietnam,” “Inside Television’s First War,” and the novel, “Death in Saigon, all of which are on Amazon. An audiobook of “The Soldiers’ Story,” is available on Audible, Audiobooks.com and from Penguin Random House Books. His series, “My Common Place Book: Parts 1-5” on Facebook, Linkedin and WordPress is soon to be a stand-alone book on Amazon. “Notebooks,” a memoir, and “Survival Manual,” a memoir are on Barnes & Noble and other major sites.

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