The Library will close at 12 pm on Saturday, May 21 to Honor the Passing of Dr. George Coulter

It is with deep regret that the Pawling Free Library acknowledges the passing of Dr. George M. Coulter, on May 15, 2016. Dr. Coulter, as President of the Library Board of Trustees in the early 1960’s, was instrumental in the library’s expansion. It was under Dr. Coulter’s dedicated leadership that the Library building at its present location came to fruition, making this essential community asset a lasting legacy to lifelong learning. He will be greatly missed. To honor Dr. Coulter’s memory, and allow library staff time to attend his funeral, we will closing the library at 12 pm on Saturday, May 21.

Obituary, Dr. George M Coulter

The plaque honoring Doctor Coulter and his mother, which is mounted on the front of the library building. Dr. Coulter poses with the plaque honoring him and his mother mounted on the library building. Dr. Coulter and his dog.