Children’s Services

Children's Services

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Children’s Programs

BebopChildren’s programs at the Pawling Library include a comprehensive offering of weekly and monthly literacy activities for children birth to grade 4. 


For a full list of our program dates and times, check our Children’s Calendar.

Wiggle, Giggle & Bounce Rhymes

Continue having fun at home with our bouncing rhymes!

book plant2Read Together…plant the seeds of literacy, one book at a time

Learn about our program for building important early literacy skills at home.  Find out how your family can join our
Read Together Wall of Fame!”

Here’s where we’ve gathered resources to help you and your child.


Leveled Readingleveled rdg

Choosing the right book is easier when you know where to start. This list groups chapter books by their reading level, so you can quickly find a title that is just right for your reader.

ebooksKids eBooks

This is a new separate environment that contains juvenile titles, categorized by reading level, genre or material type.


Program Photo-page

Program videos

See our home grown photo-movies taken at children’s programs right here at the Pawling Library!


Clisby’s Crafting Projects

craftingAllison Clisby took on the challenge of running crafting classes for her Silver Girl Scout Award.  Directions for those projects are now available here!

Summer e-Logs

wandoo heroesKeep track of books your child is reading.  Our new Super Hero logs are a great way to inspire your child to read and feel good about their growing list of titles.
This is a great summer reading motivator for kids.