Words from the Heart: An evening of poetry

with Nancy Chiarello

Friday, August 14
7:00-8:00 pm

Registration is required. Click the link below to register for Words from the Heart or email Donald at adult@pawlinglibrary.org.


Life is an adventure! You never know where it will take you. Nancy Chiarello has worked in many arenas, from corporate to jewelry sales to becoming a licensed massage therapist. Then – much to her surprise – at the tender age of 70, she began writing poetry…and at 71 started her own podcast!

Come hear Nancy tell her story and read from her collection, Soul Writing, including poems like “Finding Your Path,” “The Table”, “Feet”, and the uplifting “The Red Boa” – in which she encourages us to don that iconic scarf and become in our imaginations whoever we want to be. 

Listen through your poetic souls, and most importantly, your sense of lightness and fun.