The United Nations: What It Means To Us and To The World / online event

Wednesday, October 21
7:00-8:00 pm

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The UN celebrates its 75th anniversary this October, 2020. What exactly is this organization, created in the aftermath of WWII, that now has 193 nation state members? Is it a world government? Does the UN Declaration of Human Rights contradict the US Declaration of Independence? What are its successes, failures and opportunities? Will it, can it be reformed for the 21st century? Dr Baxer guides an exploration of the nuts and bolts of this institution, inviting questions and comments.

About our presenter: Dr Joseph J Baxer is President of the United Nations Association of Connecticut and previous US representative to the United Nations for the London based NGO, Strategies for Peace. He is engaged in sustaining cultural diversity and mediating cross-cultural conflicts. His focus involves creating the atmosphere/conditions in which reconciliation can occur. He has led seminars and lectured locally and internationally on conflict resolution and cross cultural dialogue, including participation in international peace missions. His career has included stints teaching physics, serving as a high school principal, directing a homeless shelter, university lecturer and Church ministry.

In a book published in English and French, he explores An Intercultural Life, the crossroads of religion and culture. He lives with his wife Barbara in Kent, Connecticut.