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Masks Required by Order of the Governor

New York State is currently requiring all indoor public places to mandate that all visitors wear masks. Because the Pawling Library does not have the capacity to take advantage of the screening-based exemption, we are requiring every person visiting the Pawling Library to wear a mask. Other than the state-issued mask requirement, we are operating under our normal procedures. All public computers are available for use, and we will be open for our normal hours of operation. For information about how to become fully vaccinated, please visit https://www.dutchessny.gov/Departments/DBCH/Vaccine-Appointments.htm Patrons who do not wish to come into the library may still sign up for contactless checkout at https://tinyurl.com/courtyardcheckout Patrons unable to visit the library may sign up for homebound delivery by calling the library at (845) 855-3444 or emailing Tom at circ@pawlinglibrary.org Have questions? Call the library at (845) 855-3444. For more information about the Governor’s order visit https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/governor-hochul-announces-major-action-address-winter-surge-and-prevent-business-disruption

Notice of Public Statement Hearing

The New York State Public Service Commission is seeking public comment regarding two proposals filed by Department of Public Service Staff in the Gas Planning Proceeding. The proposals may be reviewed online at the Department of Public Service web page, www.dps.ny.gov by searching under Case 20-G-0131. Any person wishing to provide a public statement at a hearing must pre-register electronically or by telephone.