Sexual Harassment Prevention

In accordance with state law, every library employee and trustee must undertake sexual harassment prevention training each year.


Before you undertake the training, you should familiarize yourself with our policies. The Pawling Library’s Sexual Harassment policy can be found in section I-7.9 of the library’s policy book.


Also of note is the library’s incident report form. This form is used to report all incidents, including sexual harassment complaints, and can be completed and emailed to the director at any time.


(If the incident were to involve the director, then the report may be sent to the president of the library’s board of trustees. Our current board president is Amy Emke, who can be reached either at or by sending a message to her personal Gmail account.)


The online training module can be assessed at This module was designed for New York City, so some of the reporting mechanisms and employer requirements do not pertain to us, but all of the information about sexual harassment itself does apply.


Before starting the online training, make sure you have plenty time, a stable internet connection, and access to a working printer. If you leave the module before completing it, you will need to start it over from the beginning. When you get to the end of the module, you will have the opportunity to print out proof of completion. Please give the director your printed proof of completion so that it can be filed in your folder.


If after completing the module you would still like additional information about sexual harassment law in New York State, you might want to view the videos created by the Department of Labor:


In addition to the online module, you will need to complete a form demonstrating that you have understood the content presented. The online form can be accessed here:


The online training module and content form must be completed and submitted annually.