PFL News Volume 4 August 14, 2014

Battling the Hudson Valley By: Lauren
The Battle of the Books is a program where kids read books and compete against other libraries.
There are eight books that they have to read: “Legend,” “An Elephant in the Garden,” “Dead End in Norvelt,” “Icefall,” “Ninth Fall,” “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children,” “Liar and Spy” and “The Scorpio Races.” After they read the books, they answer trivia questions. One example is “In which book is the greatest threat to other people?” They would have to say the author and the book title.
The last practice battle they lost two and won just one. Their team name that they picked out is The Wildcats.
The last and final battle is on September 5th, so remember to root for Pawling!

It was Hurricane Season at the Library By: Sarah
A group of kids came to the library to make a Lego house that was at least a foot high. Ms. Karen got a leaf blower and they had to try to build a house that would not tip over in the wind. Lexi, Isabella and Sarah got first place. Jonathan loved it. Lexi thought it “was cool.” Isabella liked it. Everyone had fun.

rocket v 4Rockets ready for take-off! By: Lili
At the Pawling Library this week kids worked on their rockets. They first made paper Mache with newspapers and glue. The next time they painted their rockets.
Sarah thought, “It was amazing.” Lexi said, “It was a great idea.” Isabella liked being able to paint her rocket.
After this they decorated their rockets with paint. After this there is a Pawling Library Carnival when the kids bring out their rockets.

Mini Mysteries for Mini Detectives By: Sara
Kids come to the library for their forensics class. First they forged each other’s names. This reporter tried to forge Ave Mae’s name.
They also made blood spatters. They tested the blood on different things. The only nonporous thing was glass!
“I like Murder, Mayhem & Crime,” said Joshua. “It’s fun,” he added.
There is only two more Murder, Mayhem & Crime programs left! Everyone is sad about that!

Wizards come to the Kitchen By: Lexi
Kids came to the library to talk about the book “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.” They discussed the book at the library.
Then they went to the yellow house to make Potter pancakes. First they made the batter. Then they poured it on the griddle. When they were done the kids ate them. There was even enough for the parents, brothers, sisters and grandmothers.
Sarah and Joslyn thought was cool. In the next class they will make chocolate truffles.

csi v4It was a Bloody Day at the Library By: Jonathan
This week students gathered at the library to learn about blood spatters. They made fake blood with common kitchen ingredients. Then they put blood on carpet, paper, a water glass, cardboard and a sponge.
Last they dropped it from a height and it made a blood spatter. Next week they will study witness testimony.

Rocket Scientists is Fun! By: Joslyn
The group always starts with Ms. Mac and her scary book chat. She reads us some of the scary parts and then the scariest part. Then she stops. After we go outside and play games. Last we go inside and do science challenges. Isabella said, “It’s awesome.”

Kids love creating Booms! By: Isabella C.
Every Thursday the Junior Investigators come to the library for fun. They read books, play games and do an experiment.
This week the theme was Boom! There was a lot of noise at the library. Everyone had fun. Next week the theme will be air power. The kids can’t wait.

Brains are needed! By: Joshua
At the library the kids went to the yellow house to build a Lego house that is hurricane-proof. The hurricane was a leaf blower. It was challenging to keep the houses from blowing over. Some of the houses stood up but some the kids had to work on. They dueled and some houses won by standing! Sarah said, “I thought it was amazing!”

Paying for Crime isn’t a Dime! By: Ava Mae
This week kids came to the library for their forensics class. First they learned about forgery. Then they did blood spatters. They made blood out of corn syrup, red food coloring, cornstarch and cocoa. When they did blood spatters they tried it on glass, fabrics, cardboard and rugs.

Rocket Scientists take over! By: Isabella D.
Ms. Mac reads scary stories to the group. She reads part of the book and then she stops. She makes it sound like a mystery. Then the group goes outside and played Gravity.
The group then went inside and made balloon cars. Everyone had fun.
Ms. Mac said, “I love to read scary stories, especially when I am home alone.”

3, 2, 1… Blastoff! By: Catie
Aliens of all different shapes, sizes, ages, (well, only 4th grade and up, but aliens don’t count years!) and species meet at a place known as PFL Fun Team. As new creative faces emerge more minds are being abducted into the fascination of the space dimension.
If you haven’t already guessed, the 2014 Pawling Library Carnival’s theme is space! The group members are working until the last possible second to ensure that all of their games are space related in a single way.
Do you think paper Mache rockets that unveil each kid’s individual talent make the cut? I sure do! You can see them for yourself if you sign up for the carnival, which takes place on August 22nd from 1 to 3 p.m. See you there!