PFL News Volume 2 July 23, 2014

3…2…1 BOOM!

By: Sara


Kids come to the library on alternate Thursdays between 1 and 2 p.m. and make a mess! “I think Kitchen Wizards is very messy,” said Isabella. Last week we made blood and blisters on our partners! Why? For Halloween!

This week they made Fizzy Potions. They made balloons blow up with vinegar and baking soda. “Kitchen Wizards is cool,” said Ava. Everyone is sad that there is only one Kitchen Wizards program left.

Forensics class dusts and lifts fingerprints

By: Jonathan


In Forensic Science class this week students dusted and lifted fingerprints off a glass. First they held a glass tightly to get their fingerprints on it. Next they used brushes and cocoa powder to dust their fingerprints. Then they lifted them off with binding tape. Last they put the tape on paper and looked at their fingerprints.

Next week they are studying blood spatters.


The Library’s Sewing World

By: Isabella


Students like sewing. This year sewing is on Thursday afternoons from 4 to 5 p.m. Students are sewing skirts.

Students go upstairs in the yellow house to use the sewing machines to sew their skirts together. When they finish the skirts they will re-design T-shirts for their fashion show. This will be held on August 16th. Everyone is looking forward to it.


PFL News Team Strikes Again!

By: Lauren


The Pawling Free Library’s news team has struck again! They have news stories and everything!

In the PFL News Team kids go to different programs and write about them. At every class they write an article. They then go to Pawling Public Radio where they record their stories to put on the radio. The stories will also be in the newspaper on the library’s Web site.

Madeline said, “I really like it even though when we walk to the radio station I am afraid I might bet stung by a bee.”

Each week the kids will put out a story. Stay tuned on the Pawling Public Radio at 101.7!


Kitchen Wizards create a Mess!

By: Joslyn


Students go to Kitchen Wizards on Thursdays. They made blood and they made blisters to use on Halloween.

The second week they made explosions with vinegar and baking soda. They even got to blow up balloons! “I think it was fun,” said Ava Mae. Everyone is looking forward to the next class.


Kids Love Sewing!

By: Madeline


Kids go to Stitches on the Runway, a sewing club at the library. In the club they are going to make skirts. Ava Mae said, “I really like Stitches on the Runway.” Her skirt colors are purple, green and pink. Everyone loves Stitches on the Runway. They are also having a fashion show at the end.


Kids love Science!

By” Ava Mae


In Wizards in the Kitchen students let things fizz up and explode. In the first class they made blood.

In the second class, students met and watched things fizz and explode with vinegar and baking soda. They made a huge mess! Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun.

“I think it was fun. My favorite part was when vinegar spilled on my pants,” said Sara. Everybody is looking forward to the next class.


Kids love writing the News!

By: Josh


Youngsters gather together every Thursday to write about all of the fun events going on at the library.

First kids go to programs. They choose what programs they want to write about. They take a field trip to Pawling Public Radio. They record their stories and then all of Pawling hears it. Some kids are nervous on their first try but they get used to it. It is a lot of fun!