Interview with Suzanne Berne today on PPR

Suzanne Berne, today’s guest, is best known as the Orange prize-winning author of A Crime in the Neighborhood. Her new novel, THE DOGS OF LITTLEFIELD, was first published in Great Britain to wide acclaim. It is a comedy of manners and a portrait of the unease hidden among the manicured lawns of suburban America published by Simon & Schuster.
People Magazine called it “A clever canine whodunit…A humorous, suspenseful satire about suburbia’s manicured charm and what lies beneath.”
Patricia O’Conner, in her review for The New York Times Book Review said, “In the world of fiction, as we all know, a charmed setting is a catastrophe waiting to happen. And with a novelist like Suzanne Berne in charge, we aren’t disappointed… Nothing sucks a reader in like psychological menace, and Berne is a master of the craft. But her latest novel has something extra — flashes of comedy amid the chaos.”

Suzanne Berne is the author of three novels in addition to the Dogs of Littlefield as well as a memoir, Missing Lucile: Memories of the Grandmother I Never Knew. Her first novel, A Crime in the Neighborhood, was named a NYTimes notable book. She currently teaches creative writing at Boston College.