Have You Seen Our New Picture Book Labels?

Big News! Our picture book section has reopened for browsing.

Plus, we have a new system of organizing them that we hope will help kids browse through them more easily and independently.

Now, books are organized by their topics instead of alphabetically by author’s last name. Books featuring high interest topics, like DINOSAURS, SCHOOL, and PETS are now all together in one place! Parents and educators will love the sections devoted to areas of child development and learning, like EMOTION and MATH! The “Topic” spine labels even feature easy to identify icons kids will recognize, even if they are not yet able to read.


As with many changes, this one is sure to take a while to adjust to. If you need help figuring how to find a book on the shelf with our new system, check out the links to our infographics, which help explain how items can be found. You can also checkout our hint list, for frequently searched for topics.

Found a Book in our catalog? Not sure How to read the call number? Click here Want to see all the subjects in one place? Curious what order they are in or what icon you are looking for? Click here.

Hint List:

  • EARTH includes books about the weather, seasons, the moon, and gardening
  • If you want books based on nursery rhymes or songs, check MUSIC
  • SCIENCE includes books on concepts like, colors and light/dark
  • Books on shapes and time are in MATH
  • Our holidays books are divided by season:
    • WINTER HOLIDAYS: December – February holidays
    • SPRING HOLIDAYS: March – May holidays
    • SUMMER HOLIDAYS: June – August holidays
    • FALL HOLIDAYS: September – November holidays
  • Books about bedtime, bath time, getting dressed, and other development skills are in SKILLS
  • ADVENTURE features pirates and superheroes
  • Looking for books based on an old fable or folklore? Look in FAIRY TALE
  • FANTASY includes unicorns, monsters, and other magical creatures
  • Got a fan of princesses, knights, or castles? Check out KINGDOM

Our staff is always available to help you find books to suit your needs. If you’re still unsure, ask at the desk or give us a call!

Wondering why we made this big change? Well, our picture book collection was previously a little out of control. Books got lost and misplaced easily, and families often had to ask for help finding books on topics they were interested in. We believe this new system will help keep the collection organized, so you can find what you need! Plus, research shows that when kids pick out their reading materials themselves, they are more likely to enjoy the experience. Developing independent browsing habits at a young age helps children become confident readers as they grow, and we’re hoping this new system will help with that!