Your Support

An increase in our library’s budget is crucial to maintaining our high quality services and vision for the future. We can Grow Together as we realize some of the following community components that your public library provides!

Quality of Life

A public library improves the value of a community as a whole and enhances property values. Libraries provide everyone the opportunity for life-long learning. For example, libraries help children grow into productive citizens by encouraging reading and learning; supplement the education curriculum of the school district; help people of all ages improve their job skills; support literacy, which enables many people to enter the workforce; preserve historical information about the community; offer resources that assist local businesses and community organizations.

Libraries, like school systems and hospitals, are essential community resources and as citizens, we must support our library the same way we support other local service providers. Businesses and homeowners look closely at these resources when they make decisions about where to locate thus, a strong community library helps attract people to our community and enhances the quality of life for all our residents.


Libraries have an important role to play in the economy of their communities. CLICK HERE to read a report about the many ways that public libraries contribute to economic growth.

The Pawling Library employs professionals who make a living and contribute to the local economy. Additionally, we provide resources that make it easier for businesses to get started, adults to find jobs, and children to grow into future productive members of their community.

A strong library means cost savings in your community: CLICK HERE to calculate how much money you save by using the library.


In addition to educational books and circulating materials, the library provides programs and events for people of all ages. From young children who are not yet verbal to senior citizens trying to plan their estates, there are library programs designed to suit your needs. CLICK HERE to view our calendar of upcoming events.


CLICK HERE to view our annual report to see how we did in 2017.