Find the Essential Services at Your Library!



Oh no, it looks your local library has been Lego-ized! This is terrible – the Pawling Library is an essential part of this community that your neighbors rely on for more than just books! Just look at everything going on at the library.

Can you find all the essential services listed below in this Lego version of the Pawling Library?

1.Families exploring scientific concepts together.
2. 3d Printer.
3. A dog helping a kid learn to read.
4. Someone finding a new job.
5. Access and Help with a computer.
6. Children learning to love literacy and learning.
7. Neighbors sharing their skills with each other.
8. Generous community members.
9. Access to 2.5 Million items.
10. Teens helping kids read.
11. Teens giving time and resources to people in need.
12. Big Savings for families.
13. Digital Magazines.
14. Telecommuters and students.

Thanks to Joshua Pandolfo, Harper Befus, Ivan Vertiz, Jenifer Vertiz, and Jack Johannesen for helping bring our Lego Library to life!