Daisy Girl Scouts Offer a Lesson in Sharing

Sunday, November 23rd the library was filled with Daisy’s!  The girls of Daisy Troops Daisy Troops10019 & 10291 came to the library with a surprise for the whole community.  The girls had decided to purchase Isabelle, American Girl’s newest doll, and donate it to the Pawling Library.  Daisy Troop 10019 Scout Leader Nicol Furlong told us, “The girls went to New York City on Metro-North November 11th with only one thing in mind…buying a doll to give to the library!  They never asked for anything for themselves.  They knew why they were there and that was all they had in mind.”  The girls had lunch and received a tour of the American Girl store and of course, they purchased their gift to bring back to Pawling.

“Our girls were shocked when they heard some of the library’s dolls had been taken, and they wanted to give Isabelle to the library so all of the girls in our community would have a chance to borrow and play with one of these beautiful dolls,” said Cheryl Knowles, Leader of Daisy Troop 10291.

Ms. Karen was met by 15 happy, smiling faces anxious to present their special gift.  She Isabelleexplained all of the steps involved in processing the dolls so they can be checked out, but she was more than happy to take the time to do it. “This was a very special idea and I am so proud of you for thinking about giving Isabelle to the library so we can share it with the whole community.  You are all very generous and thoughtful,” said Ms. Karen.  By donating the doll, the girls in both troops will earn their purple petal for being a sister to every Girl Scout.  Mrs. Furlong said, “The girls in both troops came together as sister scouts for this project” but of course, by donating the doll to the library, even girls who do not participate in scouting benefit.

Thanks to all of the generous families in these two Daisy Troops, very soon Isabelle will AGD circ promojoin Molly, Emily & Felicity in a check out bag of her own.  All of these dolls are available to check out and take home to play with, but we could not have added Isabelle without the girl’s help. We appreciate the thoughtfulness of troop leaders Nicol Furlong & Stephanie Gray of Troop 10019 and Cheryl Knowles & Heather Covell of Troop 10291 in encouraging this kind of sharing in their Daisy Scouts.  Pawling is very fortunate to have these wonderful troop leaders inspiring their Daisy Scouts to make the world a better place for everyone!