Computer Use, Internet and Wifi Policy

6. Computer Use & Internet Policy

The Library establishes this Computer Use and Internet policy to ensure appropriate use of Internet resources. Providing access to the Internet is in keeping with the Library’s mission to provide materials and information to help community residents meet their personal, educational, and professional needs. The Internet allows users to connect to networks of information, resources, and ideas outside the Library. Information on the Internet may be reliable and current or it may be inaccurate, out-of-date, or misleading. Material on the Internet may contain items that are illegal, defamatory, and potentially offensive and/or disturbing. The Library takes no responsibility for the accuracy of information on the Internet or ideas, points of view, and images expressed.

6.1. Residents of Pawling must have an active MHLS card to access computers; visitors must sign in with staff.

6.2. The viewing of lewd or offensive material will result in loss of computer privileges.

6.3. The Library reserves the right to regulate the amount of time patrons may use the computers, based on demand, as well as the right to charge for printing. The Library also reserves the right to limit the type and nature of peripheral devices, including storage devices, used in order to maintain computer functionality.

6.4. The Library takes no responsibility for the safety or security of information transferred via the internet or saved on a storage device attached to Library equipment.

6.5. The Library does not store data for patrons and takes no responsibility for lost data due to system failure.

6.6. Quiet use computers are designated for use by individuals only. Patrons using these computers must refrain from conversations with other patrons, talking on the telephone, or any other behavior which creates noise audible to other library patrons.

6.7. Internet resources through the Library are provided equally to all users regardless of age. The Library upholds and affirms the right of each individual to access constitutionally protected material. A minor’s access to the Internet, as well as access to all other materials, is the sole responsibility of the parent or legal guardian. The Library strongly encourages parents or legal guardians to supervise their children’s Internet use and to provide them with guidelines about acceptable use. It is the responsibility of parents and/or guardians to safeguard their children’s privacy online.

6.8. Damage to public computers due to physical abuse or transfer of malware, spyware or viruses to public computers by download or physical media will result in loss of Library privileges. Patrons may be subject to financial liability for damages.

6.9. All illegal activity, including all rules of copyright and personal property, must be honored. Information in the form of text, graphics, music, video, software, and other media retrieved or utilized electronically should be considered protected.

6.10. Computer users are required to abide by the Patron Code of Conduct while on Library property. Failure to abide by this code of conduct or to comply with staff directions will result in disciplinary actions at the discretion of the Library staff. Examples of disciplinary actions may include (but are not limited to) proscription of specific activities, temporary or permanent suspension of computer use privileges, and denial of access to the Library and its property.

Updated by the Library Board of Trustees August 9th 2018