Reading Rally Update

We are down to the wire and those adults are proving hard to beat! The kids are on the move, but we’ll need all of those paper logs to get the final results.  The Reading Rally results for week 10 are:

The Title Wave Adult Readers continue in the lead with 1,954 hours.
Moving up into second place are the The Red Hot Kid Readers with 1,550 hours of reading.
Now in third place are Teen Green Dragons with 1,172 hours.

This is our last update before the final winner is announced at our
Reading Rally Celebration
Saturday, September 10th

where we will all enjoy
2 flavors of ice cream and all 11 toppings!
sundaetrophyIt’s going to be a great ice cream day!

Remember there are just a few days of reading to go,
so don’t stop now!  Keep reading and logging your time for your team!
All paper logs are due back at the library no later than Tues., Sept. 6th.  For more information check out our web site or stop in at the library.