Programs and Events for Teens



For Grades 5 & up

Questions? Need help registering? Contact us at or give us a call at 845-855-3444.





Tuesdays, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM, September 27th – November 15th

Join us each week to explore a different “tech”  or STEAM experience.  To be held in the Library Annex for 5th graders and up. Registration is required. Register for one or all the weeks.



Monthly, 10/12, 11/9, 12/14

For those who love to craft, do art, and make things. We’ll explore a variety of mediums and seasonal themes during this monthly program for grade 5 and up. Registration is required. 



Saturday, October 22 @ 3 pm

Create a herd of black cats for Halloween at this craft party for ages 8 through 13 years. Using a variety of paper-based materials, we’ll make a bevy of spooky kitties.(A limited supply of take-home kits are available).  Registration is required



Thursdays, 9/29, 10/27, 11/17 @ 2:30 pm

This program welcomes middle-school-age homeschoolers to get together and socialize while we play games, complete art activities, and complete learning challenges. Session 1 will focus on rockets! We’ll build and launch some different kinds. Come early and spend time with the younger kids and their families! To be held outside in the Courtyard. Registration is required.


Monday, October 3rd @ 5:30 pm

You’ll ace your college essay with the tips and strategies shared by instructor Kasey Stecher. During this in-person workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to begin writing your college essay using the methods she suggests. Participants can bring an essay that is already started or they are welcome to begin during the workshop. Registration is required.

There will be a follow-up session for those who are interested.


Fridays, October 21 & December 9 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Dungeons & Dragons returns to the Pawling Library with the start of a new game. This role-playing adventure will be led by Dungeon Master Ted Bushman and is open to tweens & teens in 5th grade and up.

Ted Bushman is a fantasy/science fiction author, actor, and writer of musicals, and has more than a decade’s experience in interactive storytelling. His games are about wonder, imagination, and character. He loves empowering players to role play and tell the stories that excite them.

Registration is required.


FREESTYLE FRIDAYS Bi-weekly beginning 9/20

This is our anything-can-happen day for tweens and teens.

Houdini’s Secret Room Escape Game! Friday, September 30 @ 5:30 PM

The 150-year-old house that belonged to the most famous illusionist Houdini is now a museum. You decide to go there and learn some of his greatest tricks and illusions. Walking around, your curiosity leads you to a secret room, one in which no one has set foot for over a century. As you enter the room, the door slams shut, leaving you locked inside while the walls start closing in slowly. On the table is Houdini’s testimony, which says: “You are the chosen one who managed to enter this secret room. Whoever finds a way to break out of it will have the privilege of becoming my heir.” The key, which unlocks the door, is hidden somewhere in the room. However, in order to find it, you must solve some challenges first. If you want to get out of this room, you need to get inside the mind of the greatest illusionist and start thinking like him. Can you escape and become the next Houdini? You have 60 minutes before the walls crush you, so you better hurry up—the clock is ticking! This escape game is for grades 5 & up. Registration is required.


Halloween Spook-Tacular! Friday, October 14 @ 5:00 PM

Join us for a ghoulishly good time at this Halloween party for grades 5 & up. Battle zombies with our Nerf blasters, test your bravery with the creepy touch & feel box, and more spooky fun! To be held in the courtyard and Annex, weather permitting. Registration required.


Games Unplugged! Friday, October 29 @ 5 PM

Join us for this evening of board game fun! We’ll have a variety of games to choose from at this event for grades 5 & up. Pizza will be served. Registration required.



Esports Game Night! Friday, November 11 @ 5:00 PM

Join us for this special “Freestyle Fridays” for all ages. We’ll have some friendly competition using the Library’s new Nintendo Switch and Mario Cart racing games. The Library has four controllers but participants can bring their own. Pizza will be served. For ages 8 & up. Registration is required.




VOLUNTEENS, 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month at 5 pm beginning September 21st.

Formerly known as “Project Do Something”, this is a year-round volunteer opportunity for ages 11 & up. The group will meet twice a month to plan or work on service projects to benefit the Library and the Pawling community.

The Pawling Library is now a Volunteer Certification Organization through the Points of Light Organization. Volunteers who meet the required annual hours for their age group will be recognized with a letter from the President of the United States and possibly other awards. For more information about the Presidential Volunteer Award, please visit our volunteer page.     Sign up for Volunteens.