We Are Open

The library entered into stage 5 of our reopening plan on Tuesday September 8th. Up to ten patrons at a time are allowed to enter the library. Each person must wear a mask and may stay for up to one hour per visit. For the six guidelines to follow during stage 5 and more information about our re-opening procedures, please visit

A Virtual Art Show / Online Event

Welcome to our virtual art exhibition.  We would like to thank the eight talented artists for participating in this online event. They are Irene Caboni, Donna Castelluccio, Carol-Lee Kantor, Lonna Kelly, Jeanne Plekon, Jeanette Rodriguez, Kaete Brittin Shaw, and Liliana Washburn. Their creativity is a gift to all who experience their artwork. Originally this program was to be presented live at Pawling Recreation and had to be restructured into virtual format due to the outbreak of Covid-19. We hope that once this is all behind us, we will meet in person for such events that celebrate the rich diverse artistic abilities found in and beyond our community.  To view the show, please click on the link below and enjoy! And remember, the ArtEast Open Studio Tour continues on October 24 & 25. Support our local artists and artists all around the world. Artwork by Irene Caboni Title: I Matter

Ayurveda and Diabetes: A Whole Body Approach / online event

Presented by Dr. Somesh N. Kaushik, ND, BAMS, MPH, MPA, E-RYT 500 Tuesday, November 10 7:00-8:00 pm Click the link below to register for Ayurveda and Diabetes: A Whole Body Approach or contact Donald, our Adult Program Coordinator, at Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the U.S. and is a major cause of heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, lower limb amputation, and blindness. The current medical understanding is that diabetes is a group of related diseases in which the body is unable to regulate the amount of sugar, specifically glucose, in the blood.  The Ayurvedic approach is to discover the “root cause” of this multi-faceted condition specific to an individual’s unique constitution, assist the body in regulating its blood sugar levels, and ensure that the entire body remains in balance so that no complications arise. Come and discover: Risk factors associated with different types of diabetes The Ayurvedic approach to understanding the different types of diabetes Methods of regulating blood sugar – the fiber connection Dietary and lifestyle changes for the different types...

The United Nations: What It Means To Us and To The World / online event

Wednesday, October 21 7:00-8:00 pm Click the link below to register for The United Nations: What It Means To Us and To The World or contact Donald, our Adult Program Coordinator, at The UN celebrates its 75th anniversary this October, 2020. What exactly is this organization, created in the aftermath of WWII, that now has 193 nation state members? Is it a world government? Does the UN Declaration of Human Rights contradict the US Declaration of Independence? What are its successes, failures and opportunities? Will it, can it be reformed for the 21st century? Dr Baxer guides an exploration of the nuts and bolts of this institution, inviting questions and comments. About our presenter: Dr Joseph J Baxer is President of the United Nations Association of Connecticut and previous US representative to the United Nations for the London based NGO, Strategies for Peace. He is engaged in sustaining cultural diversity and mediating cross-cultural conflicts. His focus involves creating the atmosphere/conditions in which reconciliation can occur. He has led seminars and lectured locally and internationally...

Ayurveda and Autoimmunity: Treating the Root Cause / online event

Presented by Dr. Somesh N. Kaushik, ND, BAMS, MPH, MPA, E-RYT 500 Tuesday, October 20 7:00-8:00 pm Click the link below to register for Ayurveda and Autoimmunity or contact Donald, our Adult Program Coordinator, at Ayurveda considers the root cause of autoimmunity to be improper metabolism which may be triggered by poor diet, digestion, and circulation. Poor diet and weak digestion cause a buildup of toxins that if not properly eliminated, due to poor circulation, create a vicious cycle of inflammation and pain. Ayurveda has natural solutions that reduce painful symptoms and, in many cases, can reverse the autoimmune conditions. Come and discover:  The exact way poor digestion affects all forms of autoimmunity Foods that help digestion, reduce inflammation, and foods to avoid The role stress, anxiety, and fatigue play in creating inflammation  Herbs, oils, and exercises that aid digestion, reduce stress, and ease pain Safe and gentle detoxing methods that reduce and relieve symptoms Easy home remedies that supplement a formal plan of action About our presenter: Dr. Somesh N. Kaushik is the owner and...

New Story Time Bites Available

Story Time Bites are short videos featuring one song, rhyme, or story, designed to help develop early literacy skills from home. These videos teach caregivers and children new rhymes to do offline at home, in the car, or at the playground. Plus kids love these digital visits from Ms. Neena! We’re sure you’ll love our two newest videos, “Put a Puppet on Your Head” and “Leaves on the Trees.”

Art-Room: A Gathering of Artists / online

Friday, October 16 6:30-7:30 pm Click the link below to register for Art-Room: A Gathering of Artists or contact Donald, our Adult Program Coordinator, at Enjoy lively discussions with your fellow artists about projects and techniques.  We look forward to seeing you soon.  Allow your artistic passion to follow its creative bliss!

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with books

Reading challenge alert! Have you read a book by a Latinx or Hispanic author this Hispanic Heritage Month? Check out these materials in our collection, as suggested by members of our staff. Hispanic Heritage Month 2020 runs September 15 – October 15   Picture Book Suggestions: Evelyn Del Rey is Moving Away by Meg Medina ; illustrated by Sonia Sanchez Just Ask! : Be Different, Be Brave, Be You by Sonia Sotomayor ; illustrated by Rafael López (Also available digitally on Libby!) My Papi has a Motorcycle by Isabel Quintero ; illustrated by Zeke Peña Across the Bay written and illustrated by Carlos Aponte Freedom Soup  by Tami Charles ; illustrated by Jacqueline Alcántara (Also available digitally on Hoopla!) Dancing Hands: How Teresa Carreño Played the Piano for President Lincoln by Margarita Engle ; illustrated by Rafael López  (Also available digitally on Hoopla!) Te Quiero, Papa by Valenti Gubianas (Spanish language title) Islandborn by Junot Díaz ; illustrated by Leo Espinosa     Early and Middle Grade Chapter Books: Sofia Martinez Series including Lights out! by Jacqueline Jules ;...

Trustee meeting will be online

The October 8th meeting of the library’s board of trustees will be conducted digitally. If you would like access to the meeting, please contact the library director, Brian Avery, by emailing

New Yorkers for Clean Power / Online

Presented by Arpitha Abraham, Michaela Ciovacco, and Elizabeth (Betta) Broad Tuesday, October 13 7:00-8:00 pm Click the link below to register for New Yorkers for Clean Power or contact Donald, our Adult Program Coordinator, at Please join us and learn about the renewable energy options which are available in New York State that you can take advantage of to help yourself, our country, and our world. New Yorkers for Clean Power (NYCP) is a statewide collaborative campaign to rapidly shift to a clean energy economy. Through education, advocacy and organizing, the campaign engages the public, local governments and businesses to advance a range of renewable energy, energy efficiency and clean transportation solutions. NYCP is focused on advancing solar, wind, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, renewable heating and cooling, as well as creating jobs in these industries for all communities in New York. For additional information about New Yorkers for Clean Power please see the link below or call 607-222-3678. Thank you.