Team Hogan is Back @ the Pawling Library

What is Team Hogan?
It’s Hogan, a certified therapy dog and Ms. Vicki
providing a relaxed reading setting for your reluctant reader!

Hogan2For some young children, one of the big challenges in learning to read is the embarrassment of making mistakes. Reading to dogs provides a simple solution — a non-judgmental, comforting furry friend who “listens” and takes the pressure off children when they read.

“Children need a lot of practice to become good readers,” said Ms. Karen, Children’s Services Coordinator at the Pawling Library.  “Sometimes when students practice they misread words and feel uncomfortable.  Therapy dogs provide a risk-free practice session for children to read without the fear or stress of making mistakes. This gives children a chance to relax and focus on practicing their skills.  It can work wonders for new and reluctant readers. Reading with a therapy dog not only reduces anxieties and fears about reading, but it can increase children’s attention span and confidence and motivate them to practice more.”

HoganHogan, our evening literacy canine is a chocolate lab and a certified therapy dog who loves to have children read to him.  Hogan has been providing his own special brand of T.L.C. to children and adults for over 7 years.  He is the sweetest, most lovable listener a child could wish for. Hogan will visit the library with owner Ms. Vicki and children can register to read with him in 15 minutes time slots. Contact Ms. Karen if you are interested in signing your child up to read with Hogan on:

Tuesdays, April 7th & 21st and May 5th and 12th
5:30 – 6:30  pm