Children’s Program Photo-page

Welcome to the Pawling Library Children’s Photo Collection. 

You can enjoy all of our fun program photographs and photo-stories and even share them with friends and relatives. Our photo-galleries play continuously. You’ll need to click on the start arrow to view our photo-stories. Some of our photo-stories have sound as well so you’ll need to turn on your computer speakers to enjoy the accompanying music. Have fun watching us in action!

Children’s Programs Photo-galleries:

Five Years and Under: Fall 2017

School-Aged Programs: Fall 2017

Build a Better World (Summer 2017)

Family Science: So Many Colors in the Rainbow (Winter 2017)

Crazy 8s Math Club – Season 2 (Winter 2017)

Mystery @ the Pawling Library (Fall 2016)

Family Science: Marvelous Machines (Fall 2016)

Family Math Night (Summer 2016)

A Mini-golf Course is Born (Summer 2016)

Family Science Nights

Family Building Nights – Under Construction!

Crazy 8s Math Club – Season 1 (Spring 2016)

Crazy 8s Math Club – Season 1 (Winter 2016)


Children’s Programs Photo Stories

Midnight Mayhem @ the Pawling Library 2016

Pawling Library’s Summer 2014 LEGO® Museum.

Our stuffed friends are at it again in our Winter 2014 Midnight Mischief!

Spring 2012’s original stuffed friend sleep-over, Midnight Magic!