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The News from the News Team Teens


Meet the team:

  • Joseph is a 12 year old reader who plays video games.
  • Isaac is an 11 year old gamer who likes books.
  • Juliet ???

3D Printing
by Joseph

3D printers are machines that are programmed to take a model, and print it out. The model is usually three-dimensional, which means that the printer has to print in layers.

There are several 3D printers out there, usually they are cheaper if they aren’t prebuilt. The printers work in different ways, one of the more common ones being a tube that melts material and places it down in a specified pattern while it hardens, and in the end it will be a three dimensional shape!

Any type of material can be used, but the printer I’ve seen uses a special kind of plastic, which comes at about $70 a spool.

Some people have used chocolate, pancake batter, and other foods as material.

Ideally, in the future, most people will have their own 3D printer, the same way how most people have 2D printers today.

Personally, I love the idea of being able to print out little plastic toys and other little gadgets whenever I want to, but I wish you could print more things easier and quicker. For example, you can’t just print out a working phone (technically, you could print out the parts for the phone, then assemble it, but that would take a while and probably wouldn’t be worth the effort).

I do think there’s quite a few negative side effects to 3D printers.

Since anybody can get one if they have enough money, they can easily get into the wrong hands. The individual parts for a handgun were 3D printed and assembled within 48 hours, and the handgun successfully fired 30 rounds.

Another problem with the current 3D printers is that it takes a while for them to print out small objects, but hopefully in the future this won’t be a problem.

I do see a very bright future for 3D printers, though. Their easy accessibility, advanced technology, and fun you get out of it is worth it in my opinion.

Mod Review: Pixelmon
By Isaac

Pixelmon is a Minecraft mod built to imitate Pokemon in Minecraft. It includes pokeballs from and not from the game and is very different in some ways. Pixelmon is great because it is almost like the show in that you don’t have to follow any paths and you can explore to your hearts content. However there are considerable differences such as more than one legendary spawning and mythicals being catchable. The starters are in full list

bulbasaur, charmander, squirtle, cyndaquil, totodile, chikorita, mudkip, torchic, treecko, piplup, chimchar, turtwig, snivy, tepig, oshawott


Pokemon centers are found naturally however living in them is annoying because of the buzz the machines give off.

By Joseph

Agario is a browser-based MMO that rose to popularity a few weeks after its release. In the game, you control a cell. Your goal is to eat cells smaller than you, and not get eaten by cells bigger than you. All of the cells are named, and are controlled by other players. There are green pointy objects that will split you up if you attempt to consume it. There’s a chance you might get to the top 10 list if you do well enough!

To get to this game go to

Minecraft update 1.9
by Isaac

With Minecraft sold to Microsoft the new updates are waited upon with great anticipation. Minecraft 1.9 will come out soon and will have many good and bad features. The good features may include several new arrow types which you can put potions on. Another good change is various new blocks such as endstone bricks to create slabs and stairs.  Also a chorus plant and fruit will be added. Bad changes if you like easy games, include but are not limited to skeletons wielding the latest new arrow types and harder ender dragon boss battle. If you beat the dragon and explore the end you will find a village full of creatures known as shulkers. Shulker is short for shell lurkers, who shoot  projectiles which make you fly and can kill you once it wears off.

that’s all for now:)

Events at the Pawling Library
by Juliet

This summer there are many events going on at the Pawling Library. These events will help some kids to have fun, and go out and do something during the summer. An activity coming up as stated in the Pawling Library website is making bead bracelets. This event will be held on Friday, July 10th from 6:30 to 8:30. You will receive a kit to make a bracelet, and even if you don’t finish you can take the kit home. You must call the Pawling library to register and the material fee is $22.00. There will also be various tasting events held at the Pawling Library on Mondays from July 13th to August 17th from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. you can taste things like syrup, cheese chocolate, scones, tea, honey, and salsa. Go on the Pawling Library Website to learn more about upcoming events, and the activities mentioned. There are many fun events planned for the summer at the Pawling Library so check it out.

Its Kind of a Funny Story Book Review
by Joseph

Its Kind of a Funny Story, written by Ned Vizzini and published on April 3, 2007 follows 15-year-old Craig Gilner’s experience in a mental hospital.

Craig has studied all year for an exam to get into a prestigious high school; Executive Pre-Professional Prep. He gets a 100 on the test and is ecstatic until he finds out that his best friend Aaron also got a 100, without studing at all. Most of the other kids who passed didn’t study either, and Craig realizes he’s an average kid. Craig sees his future crumbling away, not to mention having five hours of homework every night. He feels awful and is sent into a deep depression. Digestive problems, therapists, and constant sadness break Craig down, until one day, he nearly kills himself.

After his suicidal episode, Craig checks himself into a mental hospital, where he meets a girl who scarred her own face with scissors, a grouchy Egyptian, and the self-proclaimed president of the hospital.  Read to find out what happens to this crazy cast of characters.