Learn to Type


Typing is an essential skill as we do more and more work on the computer.  To be able to do our work accurately and efficiently we need to be able to type.  You are never to old to learn this skill and your hands can always learn a new way of moving across the keys.

Below are different free options for learning how to type.  The programs that are designed for younger children are often the best because they take your fingers through the steps very slowly and allow you to build your muscle memory.  If one program is too young, try the others.  The best program for you is the one that you stick with and enjoy as you learn.

Try all three before you decide  how you want to learn.

BBC: Dance Mat Typing
Grade 1 and up.
This typing program has sound, characters and step by step instructions.  There is also music and animations.  Great for little kids but is also great for people who want something a little more fun.

Big Brown Bear Typing
Grade 3 and up.
This very simple program does not require an account and is very simple.  It records time and accuracy, which allows you to see your improvement as you learn.  It is not as fun as Dance Mat Typing, but it teaches a different order of letters.

Typing Web
Grade 4 and up.
Typing web is still a free program, but it requires an account.  The benifit of the account is that the program tracks your progress.  This program is set up as a typing course and is more professional looking then the others.