Programs and Events for Teens


Summer 2021 Teen Programs

Pre-registration will Begin June 14!

Summer Program Dates: June 21st-August 21st

Email Phil to register


Weekly Programs:

Roblox Group 1 & 2: (Discord) Roblox is one of the most popular online gaming hubs for children and young adults. Join us twice a week to explore new adventures, cooperative and competitive with new and current friends! Mondays and Thursdays@4:00 PM

Creator’s Challenge!: (Zoom) Do you daydream? Draw? Write? Just play pretend? This program brings young creators together with weekly challenges based on imaginary creations, whether it be a creature, character, planet, or just a line of plucky dialogue! Fridays@4:00 PM

Teenspace: Virtual Hang out: (Discord) Hop on the discord server and hang out with friends catching up on the week’s events. Discuss interests like games, books, anime, shows, and our favorite YouTubers! We also occasionally play social games like Among Us! Wednesday@5:00 PM

Dungeons & Dragons: (Discord) Dungeons & Dragons provides a risk-free and fun setting for teens to role-play different characters that are faced with harrowing quests that present diverse challenges. Whether it be problem-solving to survive a diabolical dungeon, ethical-decision making to dole out justice to wrong-doers, or practicing good manners when in the presence of royalty, every teen can excel and work dynamically in the world’s most famous tabletop RPG. Group A: Thursday@12:00 PM  & Group B: Friday@10:00 AM

D&D Junior League: (Zoom) D&D at the Pawling Library now has a dedicated group of 10 and 11-year-olds. A shorter form of the classic game that is focused on familiarizing new players with the rules and structure of the game. Tuesdays@12:00 PM


Special Programs

Principles of Animation with Chris Siemasko (Zoom)

Monthly Program in 3 parts

What makes animation feel like it’s truly alive?  The 12 Principles of Animation, introduced by Disney animators in the book Illusion of Life are the secrets to making animation compelling and alive. Chris Siemasko, an animator for Pixar, will introduce children to the first three lessons all animators learn. June 23rd, July 21st, and August 11th, 3:00 PM

Lotus Flower Lantern Craft Program (Zoom)

Take time to learn about Korean culture and make your very own lotus flower lantern! A guest educator will meet with teens and families on Zoom to guide them through the process of constructing lotus lanterns. Families will get to keep their lanterns and decorate with them as they choose! July 14th@5:00 PM

Sonic Frontier: Space, Music, and more… (Zoom)

Educators and musicians join our teen patrons to explore the science of music. The nature of sound will be explored with musical demonstrations using technology to visually display principles of harmony, unison, and vibration. The program will also describe the role of radio waves in Space and how broadcasts from Earth will be traveling through space forever. August 10th@4:00 PM



Garden Club: Volunteer Program (individual in-person)

The teen garden is the pride of our library courtyard. Create your own schedule to enjoy the summer weather and maintain the garden. We grow herbs and vegetables that our volunteers are able to harvest and take home while learning how to nurture this little slice of nature. Self-scheduled

Project Do Something! (Zoom and in-person group)

The much-anticipated return of our teen volunteer program is imminent. Teens sign up to have bi-weekly meetings to work on collaborative community service projects. Teens also coordinate with the Program Coordinator on their own individual projects focusing on an issue of their choice. Every other Friday@5:15 PM


Summer Reading

The 2021 Tails and Tales Summer Reading Challenge will launch on June 21st. You can join us and log your family’s reading time on our website or stop by the library for a paper tracking form starting 6/21

This summer, kids, teens, and adults will compete on teams to see who can spend the most time reading this summer! The incumbent champions of last summer are the children, however, the teens are looking to renew their reading prowess and reclaim the title! Parents and adults are not going to be excluded and will represent their own team this summer as well! A variety of prizes will be up for grabs. Readers can earn brag tags for correlating tiers based on their time spent participating.