Imagine Your Story: Summer Reading Challenge

Imagine Your Story Summer Reading/Learning Challenge

We’ve reimagined our Summer Reading Trackers for the virtual world! This summer, we’re putting YOU in control! Each week, we’ll tell a different story, featuring our staff, where participants decide the ending. Will we dye Ms. Neena’s hair purple or blue? What new style should Phil change his beard and mustache to? We’ll record whatever ending wins the most votes and make it reality! Log reading time or complete simple activity challenges to earn votes and help decide what should happen! Each week, one lucky participant will also receive a gift certificate to a local business, thanks to a donor.

Sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge to vote how we end each week’s story–This week, we’re deciding what wild, bright color Ms. Neena, our Children’s Program Coordinator, should dye her hair! The options are bright blue, deep purple, and unicorn pink. YOU decide. By participating, you’ll also be entered in a raffle to win a gift certificate to The Imperial Castle Toy Shop.

Week Three: Condiment Conundrum-Ms. Carla gets in a messy food fight

Week Two: Dance Party! 

Watch what happened week one: The Case of the Mystery Lunch

Fine print: Every 20 minutes read earns one vote, and every completed activity challenge earns one vote too. Time spent listening to someone else read-aloud or audiobooks also counts as time read. Stories (and votes) change weekly, so come back each week to help make new decisions. There is no limit to the number of votes per participant per week. Anyone can register to participate in the voting, but only Pawling and Holmes/Whaley Lake residents are eligible for raffles.

Questions? Contact Reading Program Coordinators, Neena McBaer (; 845-350-2771) or Phil Prout (