You Can Learn English / Usted puede aprender inglés

      You Can Learn English: DCC-ESOL-English as a Second Language Dutchess Community College is providing quality online group English lessons. All ESOL levels, from 101 to 108, are available with classes taking place mid-morning and evenings. Students will need a computer, tablet or smartphone with Wi-Fi connection to participate. Stay safe and receive your education in the comfort of your home.  DCC’s teachers will help you to practice speaking, reading, writing and listening, while you receive individual attention. Register now and start learning. See our online calendar for a full listing of ESOL courses days & times. ESOL 101-106 classes start September 8, 2020 ESOL 107-108 classes start August 24, 2020 All ESOL courses cost $25.00 for the entire semester, payable by e-check, credit or debit card. Books are not included in the course fee. All new students must take an online placement test to determine their appropriate level. To request a placement exam email us at See full details on how to register at: NOTE: The last day to register is on Monday...

REVEAL: Color Change Ms. Neena’s Hair

Colorella the color fairy paid a visit to our library this last week, and made sure that the kids and teens who voted in our Imagine Your Story Summer Reading Program had their wishes come true. In exchange for reading time and learning challenges, participants got to choose what color Colorella the fairy would magically change Ms. Neena’s hair to! And after all the votes were in…a color was chosen! Was it pink, purple, or blue? Visit our Facebook or our Instagram to see the winning color, and keep your eyes peeled for our final Imagine Your Story Summer Reading Challenge Reveal later in the week!    

Have You Seen Our New Picture Book Labels?

Big News! Our picture book section has reopened for browsing. Plus, we have a new system of organizing them that we hope will help kids browse through them more easily and independently. Now, books are organized by their topics instead of alphabetically by author’s last name. Books featuring high interest topics, like DINOSAURS, SCHOOL, and PETS are now all together in one place! Parents and educators will love the sections devoted to areas of child development and learning, like EMOTION and MATH! The “Topic” spine labels even feature easy to identify icons kids will recognize, even if they are not yet able to read.   As with many changes, this one is sure to take a while to adjust to. If you need help figuring how to find a book on the shelf with our new system, check out the links to our infographics, which help explain how items can be found. You can also checkout our hint list, for frequently searched for topics. Found a Book in our catalog? Not sure How to read...

Art-Room: A Gathering of Artists / online program

Friday, August 21 6:30-7:30 pm Registration is required. Click the link below to reserve a space for Art-Room or email Donald at Discuss art projects, the techniques and skills you naturally possess and those you’ve acquired with your fellow artists. Every month we’ll have a theme that will be selected to inspire a small work of art that will be shown and discussed at the next meeting. You need not create artwork if you don’t wish to…but if you feel inspired, please allow your artistic passion to follow its creative bliss.  Our theme for August is compassion.  Please bring to the group your ideas for September’s theme. This artist gathering meets once a month. We look forward to seeing you soon. 

Words from the Heart: An evening of poetry

with Nancy Chiarello Friday, August 14 7:00-8:00 pm Registration is required. Click the link below to register for Words from the Heart or email Donald at Life is an adventure! You never know where it will take you. Nancy Chiarello has worked in many arenas, from corporate to jewelry sales to becoming a licensed massage therapist. Then – much to her surprise – at the tender age of 70, she began writing poetry…and at 71 started her own podcast! Come hear Nancy tell her story and read from her collection, Soul Writing, including poems like “Finding Your Path,” “The Table”, “Feet”, and the uplifting “The Red Boa” – in which she encourages us to don that iconic scarf and become in our imaginations whoever we want to be.  Listen through your poetic souls, and most importantly, your sense of lightness and fun.

Understanding and Responding to Dementia-Related Behaviors / Online Program

with Community Engagement Manager Joan Carl Tuesday, August 11 7:30-8:30 pm Registration is required. Click the link below to reserve a space for Understanding and Responding to Dementia-Related Behaviors or email Donald at During the middle stage of dementia, the person with the disease often starts to exhibit new behaviors that can be confusing for a caregiver. These behaviors are a form of communication, and are essential to understanding the needs of the person with dementia. This program will help attendees identify common triggers for behaviors associated with dementia and learn strategies for addressing common dementia-related behaviors. This program is being provided by the Alzheimer’s Association. For further information please call the Alzheimer’s Association at 800-272-3900.

REVEAL! Donald’s Art

Did you know that Donald Partelow, our adult program coordinator, also illustrates books and creates wonderful art? Well, this last week, as part of our Imagine Your Story Summer Reading Challenge, we let Pawling decide what Donald would draw for our Community. The winning option: “At night I can turn into a monster”   Check out Donald’s take on this super theme below:   Want to vote for what should happen next? Visit to vote in this week’s choose your own adventure, where YOU decide what wild, bright color Ms. Neena, our Children’s Program Coordinator, should dye her hair! The options are bright blue, deep purple, and unicorn pink. YOU decide. By participating, you’ll also be entered in a raffle to win a gift certificate to The Imperial Castle Toy Shop.

REVEAL! Phil’s New Look

Wow! What a vote this week! Teen Coordinator, Phil Prout, let Pawling vote for what historical style he should use for his disguise as he heads back in time to visit his Pawling relatives from the 1800s.  Since there were two winning looks, Phil did them both! Check out our video to see Phil’s new look.   Want to vote for what should happen next? Visit to vote in this week’s choose your own adventure, where YOU decide what special and unique piece of art Donald Partelow creates. Donald serves as the Adult Program Coordinator at our library, and recently illustrated Claudine: A Fairy Tale for Exceptional Grown Ups. One lucky voter will also win a gift certificate to The Book Cove.  

REVEAL! Condiment Conundrum

We let Pawling decide what should be in the messy balloons that our mess monsters threw at Ms. Carla as part of our 2020 Imagine Your Story Summer Reading Program. The winner was… condiment filled balloons! So check out the mess as Ms. Carla gets pelted with eggs, sprinkles, jelly, and more! Want to vote for what should happen next? Visit to vote in this week’s choose your own adventure, where YOU decide how Teen Coordinator, Phil Prout, changes up his giant beard and mustache. One lucky voter will also win a gift certificate to Vinny’s Deli.

STRESS AND INSOMNIA: Breaking the Cycle / online event

Presented by Dr. Somesh N. Kaushik Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Physician Wednesday, July 29 7:00-8:00 pm Registration is required. Click the link below to reserve a space for STRESS AND INSOMNIA: Breaking the Cycle or email Donald at Reasons for insomnia – whether acute (temporary) or chronic (ongoing) – abound. Stress, anxiety, depression, physical discomfort, pain, illness, side effects from medications, schedule or lifestyle changes, and environmental triggers, are just a few things that can impact sleep. The results are numerous and can result in a never-ending downward spiral of irritability, mood swings, impaired judgement, cognitive functioning, accidents, as well as being a precursor to serious illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, aging, and more. Come and discover: * Causes for insomnia and/or interrupted sleep patterns * Why 8 hours may not be the correct amount of sleep for you * How to regain balance and establish the right sleep pattern for you * If age has anything to do with your sleep pattern * Body types that are more prone to stress and...