New Year’s Cheer Kits

Looking for ways to keep learning and play interesting as we say goodbye to 2020? Our New Year’s Cheer Kits are designed to bring your family a bit of cheer and activity for the holiday. Choose between our three kit options, each designed with the skills/interests of their intended audience in mind. Early Years Kit: Designed for ages 2-5 and family. Includes supplies for a firework themed craft, activity countdown chain featuring activities for each hour, and more. Elementary Kit: Designed for ages 6-10 and family. Includes supplies for a countdown creation, glow stick challenges, and more Combination Kit: If your family has children in both the 2-5 and 6-10 age ranges, we can include both in one kit. Kits must be picked up from the library during our regular operating hours. Please keep in mind holiday hours and COVID policies. Materials are quarantined before they made available for pickup for patron safety. Registration is required. Click here to register: