Pawling Library Board of Trustees Meeting

Pawling Library Board of Trustees Meeting

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Jan/Thu/2023 6:45 PM - 8:00 PM
-Library Annex-
Address: 15 Oak St, Pawling NY 12564

Pawling Free Library

Trustees Meeting Agenda

Thursday 1/12/2023  6:45 pm

  • Call to Order-Roll Call

  • Approve  December Meeting Minutes

  • Director's Report

    • Calendar Vote

  • Treasurer’s Report

  • New Business

             1. Policy Committee

             2. Public Relations Committee

             3. Buildings and Grounds Committee

             4..Book Sale Committee

             5. Board Business (Election of executive board)

             6. Public Comment

Public Comment – limited to 3 minutes per person. Extension of the time limit is at the discretion of the board president.

 Mission Statement

The Library seeks to serve the Town of Pawling, including the Hamlet of Holmes as well as the surrounding areas, by making high-quality library materials available to all community members free of charge, for the purposes of personal enjoyment, self-improvement or academic inquiry.  By meeting the community members’ needs, we hope to encourage enthusiastic readers of all ages, dedicated to personal enrichment and learning.

The Board of Trustees will hold their monthly meeting in the Library Annex beginning at 6:45 pm. Members of the public are welcome.