Author: Nicole Curcio

The Beauty of our Community

This month you can stop by the library and see artwork done by teens at the Pawling High School hanging on the wall in the Young Adult area.  These teens have done an amazing job, and the Pawling High School was kind enough to lend us their work for a short period of time.  Please come see these incredible works and admire the beauty and talent within our own community.  

These Teens’ Mission is Helping Others

  Project Do Something, is a group created and completely run by the teens of this community to help others.  These amazing teens want to make an impact. Now, they are coming back together to keep the movement going on Friday, November 18th from 6:30-8:30 pm at the library annex.  This week are making friendship bracelets to sell at our Holiday Book Sale.  The money collected will go towards their blanket making project that benefits Project Linus.  Friday’s project is open to all teens from 7th grade to 12th grade.   Please consider purchasing one of their bracelets from the book sale or donating to the library, so we may be able to purchase the materials to make the blankets.  Any extra money will also be given to Project Linus.

Special Book Group: The End of Average

Special Book Group: The End of Average

This special book group is sponsored by the Pawling Central School District and the Pawling Library, for parents and community members. We would like to inspire everyone to learn, and grow together by reading The End of Average by Todd Rose.  Even though it’s known that we all develop and learn in different ways, our uniqueness is sometimes lost in schools and business where everyone is measured by a yardstick of “average”.  Break free of that mindset and consider an alternative to the average.  Please join us for our book discussions on specific chapters, where we will dive into questions, applications, and impact of this work.  All book discussions take place on Thursday afternoons from 1-2 and discussions will be lead by Kim Fontana and Nicole Curcio.  Below is the specific book discussion schedule. October 20th Chapters 1-2 October 27th Chapters 3-4 November 17th Chapters 5-6 December 1st  Chapters 7-9 To see more information on the book, and to register for this program, please visit the End of Average website.

Project Do Something’s Inspirational Cards are a Hit with the Grateful Senior Community

So happy to see our teens making a difference in our community!  Last week, a man came in to express his gratitude for one of the Inspirational Cards made by the Project Do Something Teens. He regularly attends gatherings at The Friendship Center and he was thrilled to receive his card.  Our Young Adult Coordinator Nicole and the Project Do Something Teens made the cards and they were distributed by Evelina Simoes, the library’s Homebound Delivery Services Coordinator, on her visits to the Friendship Center and The Grand Rehabilitation Center last month. This man was so touched that the teens took the time to think of the seniors in the community that he had to come in and express his gratitude. He and his friends really appreciate the time and effort that the young adults put into making the cards for the seniors in our community.   Thank you to all our Project Do Something Teens for taking you time to make a difference!

Middle School Battle Club!

Calling all Middle Schoolers!! Battle Club needs you! (High School?  Check this out!) What is Battle Club? The most fun you will ever have with books! The Battle of the Books helps teens keep up reading skills over the summer, and offers them a shot at bragging rights for an intellectual competition spanning the entire Hudson Valley. In Battle Club, teens entering grades 6-9 team up to compete in trivia games based on a selection of Battle Books. Teens have from now until the competition in September to read any or all of the selected Battle Books.  Click here to see the book list. During the summer our team will meet, party, and have practice battles to prepare for the final Battle of the Books, where we’ll compete against other libraries from across the Hudson Valley. There is a whole lot of fun and reading ahead of us! Joining the Pawling Team! The team needs YOU! To join up, fill out the Online Registration Form or Print it out  and bring it to the library.  Once you’re signed up, you can start borrowing from our special...

Teen’s Blankets Go to Children in Need

The blankets that the Pawling teens made back in December as part of Project Linus have made it to children in need! We got a letter from Putnam County Social Services, and the blankets that the Project Do Something Teens made have been handed out to children in homeless shelters, foster homes, and children being moved between homes. Thank you to all the teens who participated in this project. Follow the link below for upcoming Project Do Something Projects. “Dear Pawling Youth Group: I picked up several bags of blankets today from Project Linus to distribute here at Putnam County Social Services. I was told that many of the fleece blankets were made by you and I wanted to reach out and thank you. They were all so beautiful and the colors and patterns had such variety that they will well suit all of our kids. We have given them to our homeless kids that are living in temporary shelters and don’t have many belongings, to our foster kids that are living with other families temporarily, to...

Mindset Book Group

Learn everyday and continue learning together! This winter, the Pawling Library, in collaboration with the Pawling Central School District, with sponsorship from the PTA and PTSA presents a Special Book Group for parents, professionals, and any adults interested in learning to fulfill their potential. We will be reading the book Mindset by Carol S. Dweck together one chapter at a time, and discussing how the book’s lessons apply to our selves and our lives. To register, fill out the Registration Form  and bring it to the library. Contact Pawling Library Young Adult Programmer, Nicole Curcio 855-3444 Pawling Central School District Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Kim Fontana 855-2150 Discussion Schedule Discussions will take place at the Pawling Library on Mondays from 10:45 am to 12:00 pm November 16th: Chapters 1 & 2 The Mindsets & Inside the Mindsets November 30th: Chapter 3 The Truth About Ability and Accomplishment December 14th: Chapter 4 Sports: the Mindset of a Champion January 25th: Chapters 5 & 6 Business: Mindset and Leadership & Relationships: Mindsets in Love (or Not) February 8th: Chapter 7 Parents, Teachers, and...

News from the Teens

The teen perspective  is a unique one.  Check out what they are writing about and what is going on with them at the PFL News Page.  The teens get to pick their own stories to write about and write what they like.  From library programs to the gaming world, the teens explore it all! The page can be clicked on here or under the Teens tab.  Find out what they are up to now! To join the News Team, contact Nicole ( or 855-3444).

Not Any Ordinary Summer for Teens

Teens should live it up over the summer!  Escape the ordinary with 3D printing, minecraft, Hunger Games, Battle of the Books, photography, poetry, cooking, a teen book swap, and so much more! For an added twist, teens can join the escape club that is packed with gaming, crafting, exploring, and creating.  This special club will have the theme: brain teasers and mystery.  Check out the teen page for more activities, information and a registration form.